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I'm sure that 95 percent of those criers haven't even tried RS3, and I don't even understand why, it is free for them whenever they've memb on os, so why not try it lol. MTX despise and all just ancient EoC and I receive that it sucked. But it glossy. And mtx sucks yes, however you can ignore like 90% of it if you would like to. All you need from it are bank boosters and extra action bars but that is about it. As runecoins can be purchased together with bonds, and you can do this without wasting a cent of irl cash. There's a lot to understand with it but it does reward skill and high attention.

Combat is fun if necessary and MTX could be ignored. Like only give Runescape a shot. Not only 5 minutes but like 2-4hours. Its fun. Last time I played with the combat was only"set up your activity bar like this and it'll automatically do everything for you". You have a chance, if you want to afk, but for outcome you need to use whole manual. I'm not saying it is. I'm just saying it's not engaging. Cause at the time that was the way or so I had been advised. 6 weeks atleast like. Plus it just got old. Hated in what I hear the mtx which has gotten worse. And idk I believe like Runescape has gone in a downward spiral.

I needed to appreciate RS3. However, it feels like an amusement park of a match. Each have their views and respect them, but have you ever tried it now? It has gotten imo to far, I'm having a blast on my own iron. It is also currently trying out it appears. No I haven't tried it. Logged onto it a few months ago and was kind of put off using the stuff that was new. Been watching this one YouTuber try out it who's a normal OSRS participant. And idk Runescape looks like it may be fun, but also I don't wanna support that kind of mtx. Plus my principal acc for OSRS is my chief for RS3 and I would not wanna since I have a lot of progress on RS3 within my main, start a new one.

You know you support os with this particular mtx too? That is a point that is valid, although not that I want you to. And you don't have to. Bonds are something, make someone else pay to your mtx and associates. And all the mtx I would say you really need that's it and is bank space and action bars. Mtx is kinda necessary. I don't want to play with that. I know jagex which in turn supports the mtx for RS3 is supported by playing OSRS. But I do not beg na be around it and have it affecting Runescapeplay around me. Idk I had fun for a bit before they kept adding more time and I tried real hard to enjoy RS3 back gated things that gave bonus xp and incentives to purchase keys.
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